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DIN Flange check valve


DIN Standard Cast Steel Flange Ends Swing Type Check Valve PN10~PN64

RST Valve company is a industry valves manufacturer, including Thread & Flange Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Y Strainers in stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, forged steel and alloy steel.

Check Valves mainly has Thread ends Swing Check Valve, Stainless Steel Vertical type Check Valve, Screwed ends CF8M 200PSI Y type Check Valve, Stainless Steel Wafer type Check Valve, Single Disc Wafer type Check Valve, Single plate Lift type Wafer Check Valve, Dual Plate Wafer Type Check Valve, Cast Steel Flange ends Swing Check Valve, Stainless Steel Flange ends Lift type Check Valve, API Flange ends 150LB Swing Check Valve, DIN Standard Lift type Flange Check Valve.



1. Check valves are flow sensitive and rely on the line fluid to open and close. The internal disc allows flow to pass forward, which opens the valve. The disc begins closing the valve as forward flow decreases or is reversed, depending on the design. The function or purpose of a check valve is to prevent reverse flow. Construction is normally simple with only a few components such as the body, seat, disc, and cover. Depending on design, there may be other items such as a stem, hinge pin, disc arm, spring, ball, elastomers, and bearings.

2. Swing checks are a simple design using a disc attached to an arm that is hinged at the top of the valve (at the 12 o’clock position). Reverse flow and gravity assist the valve in closing. Swing checks can be used for most media and generally provide good flow capacity. They range in size from 1/2 inch and smaller to 50 inches and larger, and are available with threaded, socket weld, flanged, or butt weld end connections. Swing checks are typically easy to inspect and maintain. In most cases, repairs can be performed with the valve in the line. Because of their design, swing checks are not fast-closing valves due to the travel distance from full open to close.

3. Piston, or lift, check valves are available as inclined (Y pattern) or conventional (90 degree) body designs. In either case, a body-guided disc moves within the body bore. The body guide ensures alignment of the seat and disc when the valve closes. Piston check valves are available from 1/4 inch to 24 inches and larger. Smaller valves, 1/4 inch to 2 inches, are normally provided with a spring to assist in closing and to ensure the disc slides back to the seat when installed in vertical lines. The body design selected will determine the pressure drop; inclined designs will provide the best flow performance. Piston check valves are available with threaded or socket weld ends for 2 inches and smaller. Larger valves are available with flanged or butt weld ends. Special end connections are available, but you should consult the valve manufacturer. Piston check valves can normally be inspected and repaired in line. Exercise caution when these valves are used for dirty media because that media could cause the disc to stick inside the body bore.




Product Name

Cast Steel Swing Type Flange ends Check Valve DIN Standard PN16~PN64

1. Material

SS304/316/304L/316L ( CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M), WCB, WCC, LCB,LCC,WC6,WC9, C5,C12, etc

2. Size

2'~24'' ( DN50~DN600)

3. Thread standard

ISO9001 & CE, TS

4. Type

Swing Type/Lift Type

5. Working Pressure


6. Connection Ends

RF, RTJ, FF, Butt Welding

7. Working Temp.

-29~425, or according to customer requirements for different industry.

8. Suitable Medium

Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid

9. Inspection & Testing

According to API598



Delivery Time

15~20 Days


Standard Exporting Plywood Case

Shipping Port

Ningbo/Shanghai, China

Shipping Terms

Exw, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.

Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, PayPal, etc.


30% prepayment, 70% balance paid before shipping or against copy of BL

Country of Origin

Wenzhou city, China

Production Capacity

6000 ton/year


10 PCS/size





1. BODY. The body is cast carbon steel unless otherwise specified. Top entry allows easy inspection and maintenance. Bosses are provided for drain taps or bypass as specified.

2. COVER. The cover, complete with integral lifting holes, is made from plate unless otherwise specified. A plugged ½”NPT port is provided.

3. SHAFT PLUG. The shaft plug covers the shaft opening. It is made from carbon steel unless otherwise specified.

4. COVER PLATE STUD. Used to attach cover plate to body. Material is as specified.

5. COVER NUT. Used to attach cover plate to body. Material is as specified.

6. PIPE PLUG. Used to plug off cover port.

7. COVER SEAL. The cover seal provides the seal between the body and cover. Material is as specified.

8. CLAPPER SEAL. The clapper seal provides the seal between the body and clapper. Material is as specified.

9. SEAT SEAL (Optional). Used when removable seat is required. Material is as specified.

10. ARM. The arm is cast carbon steel unless otherwise specified. It holds and guides the clapper.

11. SHAFT. The shaft is made from 300 series stainless steel unless otherwise specified. It supports the arm.

12. CLAPPER. The clapper is cast carbon steel unless otherwise specified. It holds the clapper seal. The arm attaches to the back of the clapper using an integral threaded stud with a nut and retainer pin.

13. CLAPPER RETAINER NUT. The clapper retainer nut holds the clapper on the arm.

14. CLAPPER RETAINER PIN. This pin keeps the clapper retainer nut from inadvertently coming loose. It is made from 300 series stainless steel unless otherwise specified.

15. BUSHING. The bushing isolates the arm from the body allowing free movement.

16. REMOVABLE SEAT (Optional). Allows seat to be replaced if seal area becomes damaged Carbon steel unless otherwise specified


Applicable Standards:


1. Design & manufacture DIN 3356

2. Face to face DIN3202

3. End flanges DIN2543-2545

4. Butt weld ends EN12627

5. Inspection and test  ISO 5208、EN12266


Competitive Advantages:


1. Our products is guaranteed within 18 months after delivery.

2. We offer free sample if interest before orders.

3. Technology renovation, process improvement, structure optimization and quality improvement.

4. Excellent after-sales service system, providing timely and optimal service, which help you to win the market.

5. Convenient shipping sea port, and standard exporting carton boxes & plywood cases.

6. 100% inspection & testing before delivery.

7. Third party inspection on customer requirement.


DIN Swing Type Check Valve




DIN Lift Type Check Valve










Note: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer.


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