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How to break the inventory problem of shoes enterprises? Data mining driven by domestic demand is the way out
China is the world's largest producer and exporter of shoes. In recent years, China has produced more than 10 billion pairs of shoes each year, accounting for 66% of the total global footwear industry
Shoes out of the market disjointed, Prada is not only fine-tuning
Italy, Milan - in recent years, Prada's sales and profitability have been hit. And for too long, Prada handbags have been missing the entry-level price market, trying to hit high-end prices. But Prada
Fashion Accessories, American jewelry, shoes, bags, jewelry, fashion trends, pioneer magazine, September 2017
"Fashion Accessories", American jewelry, shoes, bags, jewelry, fashion trends, pioneer magazine September 2017, European fashion accessories trends pioneer, bring you Milan, London, Paris, New York, Madrid and other big fashion metropolis, the latest and fastest fashion information. Let you feel the trend of fashion abroad, the first time to grasp the pulse of fashion and popular direction - always walk in the forefront of fashion. It's called fashion vane.
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